City of New Boston, TX

Welcome to the City of New Boston, TX and their new official website (March 2022). It is Home to the Bowie County Courthouse and in the NE section of Texas, next to Oklahoma and Arkansas.

As NEW Boston approaches its 150th year as a city, the future has never looked brighter! The City is taking on a proactive growth plan with policies and procedures currently being developed to leverage the location of the City and the tremendous resources available to us in the people who have chosen to call NEW Boston home!

Come be a part of Team NEW Boston!

Unfortunately, we had a serious fire at Tapp Park and Baseball Fields late Thursday March 3, 2022. The concession stand building and bathrooms were damaged and no longer usable.

The good news is we have an incredible Fire Department and they worked diligently to not only get the fire under control and out, but they did a great job protecting would could be saved as well!!

Aside from a great Fire Department, we also have a great Insurance provider. They had an adjuster here on site the following Monday (Mar 7, 2022) to assess the damage. We have received clearance from the Insurance Company to make necessary repairs and their check for the damages has already been received!!

 Contractors have been on-site to assess the repairs needed and are getting ready to clean up the damage. Our Baseball and Softball games will be here, as planned. We have Porta-Potties in place and we’ve arranged for Food Trucks to be on site also.

 The contractors have assured us they will do their very best to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible for our great New Boston Baseball and Softball Teams!


Sample Ballots for May 7, 2022 Election

Precinct 18

Precinct 14A

Precinct 14

Official City of New Boston Voting Results - 2022

Voting Information

Early Voting - All 3 Precincts
Bowie County Courthouse - Staff Lounge - 1st Floor
April 25 thru May 3 - 8 am till 5 pm
Except May 1 (Sunday) is 9 am to 4 pm

Voting Day - May 7
Precincts 14 & 14A = Bowie Co Courthouse (710 James Bowie Blvd)
Precinct 18 = First Baptist Church (506 S McCoy Blvd)
7 am till 7 pm

Larger views are on Mayor and Council Page with other Ballot Information.

As of Feb 2, 2022 the BOIL WATER Emergency Alert has been RESCINDED.

Upcoming Events

Regular Council Meeting ~ May 17, 2022 ~ 6 PM ~ Agenda