Animal Control

Brandon Walker

The City of New Boston Animal Control Department provides the following assistance to all residents and is dedicated to helping protect the health, safety and welfare of both people and animals in our community.

  • Responding to stray animal complaints
  • Investigating dangerous animals
  • Impoundments
  • Barking dog complaints
  • Trapping nuisance wildlife
  • Carcass removal

Brandon Walker manages the Animal Control Department.

Our New Boston Animal Shelter is open!!

Your Animal Missing?

Looking for your missing animal? Check out our City of New Boston Animal Shelter Page on Facebook to see if Animal Control found it.

Our Animal Control staff is on duty Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Here is a schedule of fees, penalties, fines, etc.

  • Impoundment of an unlicensed animal - $35.00
  • Daily Rate for Impoundment - $15.00
  • Redemption fee - $35.00
  • Adoption Fee - $35.00
  • Animals may be adopted after holding them for 3 consecutive days.

The address and phone number is: 725 State Hwy 8, New Boston, TX 75570. The phone is: 903-628-5596 - ask for Animal Shelter.

Animal Shelter Procedures

  • Upon pickup, hold for one day without posting on Animal Shelter Facebook Page to see if the rightful owner will call or come claim to reduce the possibility of non-owner pickup.
  • Second day animal will be posted to shelter Facebook page with description of the whereabouts it was picked up with pictures.
  • Third, Fourth and Fifth day the animal will be held for waiting period to see if rightful owner will contact us or find out who the animal belongs to, During this time, the post will stay up as a found animal.
  • Sixth day, the animal will now belong to the City of New Boston Animal Shelter. The post will now be changed to adoptable animal if applicable for adoption.
  • Seventh & Eighth day the animal will remain posted as adoptable, if applicable.
  • Ninth day, the animal will either have been adapted out to a person or a rescue group. If not adopted or rescued, it will now go to the disposition stage to keep the shelter in working numbers and spaces.

More information can be found in City Ordinances # 22-0-03 and 22-0-04. Our Shelter is licensed, inspected and approved by the State of Texas